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J & P Turner

Arrow Mills Garden Centre

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Do you fancy growing your own vegetables? With increasing food costs more people are learning to grow their own. It is also something that can be educational and fun for a family to do together. Get your children involved and enjoy growing and eating all types of seasonal vegetables from your own garden.

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Our friendly team have a wide range of knowledge and can offer you advice on growing your own vegetables.


We also have plant seeds, grass seeds, and agricultural seeds from a range of reputable companies such as Fothergills, Franchi, Limagrain and British Seed Houses.

Grow your own vegetables with seeds from a garden centre. Visit us or call us today on:

01544 230 536

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Transform an area of land into your own meadow with wild flower seeds.  If you need any gardening equipment to help you make the most of your garden, we have a huge selection of tools and more. If you need any plants, animal feed, pet food or seasonal goods, we have it all.


J & P Turner, Arrow Mills Garden Centre in Kington are within easy reach of Clyro, Knighton and Leominster, visit us for a great day out or for any enquiries contact us today.

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